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Bull Gears Manufacturers

Bull Gears Manufacturers – BULL GEARS

Ashoka as one of a leading Bull Gear Manufacturers In India, In order for gears to achieve their intended performance, life and reliability, the selection of a suitable material is very important. Often not all design requirements are compatible. High load capacity requires a tough, hard material which is difficult to machine; whereas high precision favors materials that are easy to machine and, therefore, have lower strength and hardness ratings.  

Light weight and small size favors light non-ferrous materials, while high capacity requires the opposite. Thus, tradeoffs and compromise are required to achieve an optimum design. Materials vary widely, ranging from ferrous metals, through many non-ferrous and light-weight metals, to various plastics. The designer and user faces a myriad of choices. The final selection should be based upon an understanding of material properties and application requirements.

Bull Gears Manufacturers – Gears & Pinion Shafts Material

Cast Irons (SG Iron) Cast Iron’s in various grades are widely used for large bull gear where it is advantageous to save machining costs by molding the gear blank. Cast steels also offer this advantage together with higher tensile and yield strengths, but cast ironis superior under dynamic conditions, providing excellent internal damping properties.
Carbon & Alloy Steels

Steels are divided into two main divisions: plain Carbon Steels and Alloy Steels. Carbon steels offer low cost, reasonably easy machining and ability to be hardened. A major disadvantage is the lack of resistance to corrosion. When elements other than carbon are added to the iron, the steel is termed “alloy steel”. These cover a wide range from low-grade types to special high alloys offering exceptionally high strengths. Alloy steels offer a wide range of heat treatment properties that makes the category of alloy steels the most versatile.

Stainless steels are contained within this large category even though it is sparingly used and only for specific applications due to the high cost factor. Stainless Steels are divided into two types: the so called 300 series true stainless steels, which resist nearly all corrosive conditions; and the 400 series, which although not truly stainless, offer less corrosion resistance only in certain environments (such as certain acids and salt water) and are otherwise considered stainless.

After extensive research and analysis, detailed categorization of materials has been developed over the years by various organizations and countries. Today, there are hundreds and thousands of material standards followed all over the world. Each standard is developed keeping in mind specific properties and applications. These standards provide details on chemical composition, mechanical properties, material hardness, heat treatments etc. to be achieved for attainment of desired specified properties.

Material Standards ASHOKA as one of the manufacturers of bull gear offers castings and forging as per various international standards including: ASTM & AISI (USA), BS (British), JIS (Japanese), GS (German), IS (Indian) standards. Bull Gears Manufacturers