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Juice Heaters Manufacturers India Ashoka Machine Tools
Juice Heaters Manufacturers

Juice Heaters Manufacturers – JUICE HEATERS

Ashoka one of the leading Juice Heaters Manufacturers In India,  they are used for heating raw, Sulphur & clear Juice from 300C up to about 900C depending upon the requirement and process parameters. Typically, in a sugar plant application, the screened juice obtained is heated to 65-700 C in a tubular juice heater.

Through an air flotation process, the juice is clarified and clear juice is obtained which is then sent to triple set evaporator. Juice heaters generally utilize steam from the boilers to generate the heating action, and if possible, preferably bled vapor from the evaporators. It is thus necessary to have a heat exchange between vapor and juice which is provided by the juice heaters. The basic calculation of the juice heater is to calculate the amount of heat transferred using the overall heat transfer co-efficient (OHTC), the log mean temperature difference (LMTD) and the heating surface area.

Working Principal The basic calculation of the juice heater is to calculate the amount of heat transferred using the overall heat transfer co-efficient (OHTC), the log mean temperature difference (LMTD) and the heating surface area.

Q = h· A· ΔTlog  where

  • Q= heat transfered [kW]
  • h= OHTC [kW/m2K]
  • A= heat transfer area [m2]
  • ΔTlog= LMTD

The amount of heat transferred is calculated by

Q = m· (h1 – h0)


  • Q= heat transfered [kW]
  • m= mass flow rate [kg/s]
  • h1enthalpy of exiting juice [kJ/kg]
  • h0enthalpy of entering juice [kJ/kg]

It is important to keep the juice velocity in the tubes in the range 1.5 m/s to 2 m/s; if the juice velocity is too low the OHTC is low and the heater is prone to scaling of the tubes, if the juice velocity in the tubes is too high there will be a high pressure drop across the heater resulting in a higher pumping load on the juice pumps.

Design Features Ashoka India Juice Heaters Manufacturers,  are steel fabricated tubular shell structures. Consisting of an assembly of tubes. circulates through the tubes, and the vapour outside them. Suitable headers force it to pass a certain number of times from bottom to top and from top to bottom of the heater by restricting it each time to a few of the tubes.
  • Juice heaters are of various types such as-
  • Vertical juice heaters
  • Vapour line juice heaters
  • Dynamic juice heaters
  • Condensate juice heaters

Juice Heaters Manufacturers

Ashoka India Manufacturers these juice heaters are in capacities from 60 m2 H.S. (heating surface) to about 500 m2 H.S. These can be designed and sized as per the capacity of the process & customer requirement.

The following are some advantages offered by ASHOKA-§
Efficient multiple passage steam distribution and circulation
Quick cover opening with balancing device for easy opening
High pressure tested leak proof passes for maximum efficiency
Positive removal of condenset
Removal of heavy & light nox gasses and adequate venting
Low maintenance

Each sugar Sugar Cane crusher mills provided with a hydraulic system consisting of hydro pneumatic accumulators, one for each of the journal of the top rollers. In order to know the roller movement an indicator either electronic type of liquid magnification type is provided.

The hydraulic system is suitably designed for sufficient working oil pressure. One forced feed oil lubricator for each having various points is provided so as to have proper distribution of lubricant at all necessary locations including each bearing. Mill drive sugar Sugar Cane crusher is to be directly coupled through a flexible gear coupling to a planetary gear reducer capable of transmitting the desired power continuously under shock load conditions at full rated speed of the motor. Juice Heaters Manufacturers.

Ball Mills Manufacturers

The operating speed of mill rollers is generally reduced to an output rotation of about 7 RPM through a set of pinions mounted on the each mill roller. The pinions shall have special crown type module of appropriate size of which the teeth would be machine hob cut using specialized hobbing machines.

Suitable bed plates made in sections and mild steel guards for enclosing the open pinions is provided. Proper provision to lubricate the gear reducer as well as the pinions is also provided. The mill top roller shall be connected to the transmission pinion shaft by means of a tail bar through a square coupling. Two cast steel crushing couplings, one of lesser cross section so as to act as a fuse to safeguard the reduction gearing units is also provided. Juice Heaters Manufacturers.