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Process Equipment Centrifugal Machines Manufacturers India
Process Equipment Centrifugal Machines Manufacturers

Process Equipment Centrifugal Machines Manufacturers – CENTRIFUGAL MACHINES

Ashoka one of the leading Centrifugal Machines Manufacturers In India, Centrifugal machines are equipment which provide a high speed rotation of the processing medium thus creating a centrifugal force which enables segregation of the varying forms/size of the processing material. Centrifugal machines offered by ASHOKA are of two types which are 1. Batch Type, 2. Continuous Type

Most manufacturers, common design of a centrifugal machine is the top driven bottom discharge type machine with a single point suspension in which the basket is mounted over the central spindle which is suspended at top in the bearing housing. The cake is discharged at bottom through the pockets provided in the center of the basket.

Process Equipment Centrifugal Machines Manufacturers

Design Features of Batch Type Centrifugal
  • Centrifuge Basket: is made of graded stainless steel and optimum number of drainage holes to ensure efficient discharge of molasses and long working life of basket.
  • Spindle: is made from high grade forge steel with an appropriate reducing stress design.
  • Flexible coupling and suspension bowl: is made of graded cast steel.
  • Pneumatic plough discharger: is made of a simple and compact construction for ease of maintenance.
  • Brake pad assembly: of compact design is provided for emergency application besides normal regenerative electrical
  • braking.
  • Sugar washing system: is made of stainless steel pipeline with specially designed nozzles.
  • Electric drive and process panel: Energy efficient DC drives are supplied. The control equipment are wired for fully
  • automatic operation using PLC having compatibility with the central control room. The pole charging /
  • thyristor drives are also supplied for smaller capacity centrifugal machines.
  • Process Equipment Centrifugal Machines Manufacturers
Advantages of Batch Type Centrifugal
  • Saving in power consumption due to energy efficient drives.
  • Special design to allow a lighter basket requiring lower driving power.
  • Higher gravity factor ensures effective purging of massecuite,
  • optimizes wash water consumption and run-off quality.
  • Effective molasses separation of A heavy and A Light.
  • Elimination of steam drying increases crystal yield and reduces
  • bagging temperature of sugar.
  • Minimum space, requirements, hence lower installation cost.
  • Lower maintenance and operating costs.
Advantages of Continuous Type Centrifugal
  • Better sugar quality
  • Higher capacity
  • Lower molasses purity
  • Reliability and safety
Table 1. Specifications of Batch Type Centrifugal Machine
Model Charge per
Cycle (Kg.)
Basket Size
(Dia. x Ht.)
No. of
speed (Rpm)
AMTC-B-1250 1250 Kg 1350 x 1035 mm 18 – 20 1250 Oil mist
AMTC-B-1500 1500 Kg 1435 x 1100 mm 18 – 20 1200 Oil Mist
AMTC-B-1750 1750 Kg 1500 x 1150 mm 18 – 20 1150 Oil Mist
Process Equipment Steam Turbines Manufacturers
Table 2. Specifications of Continuous Type Centrifugal Machine
Type AMTC-C-1100 AMTC-C-1300 AMTC-C-1500
 Diameter of basket 1100 mm 1300 mm 1500 mm
 Basket cone angle 30 30 30
 Speed 1450 – 1950 RPM 1450 – 1850 RPM 1450 – 1700 RPM
 Motor Rating 55 kw 90 kw 110 kw
 Capacity of machine 6 – 9 tons / hr. 9 – 12 tons / hr. 9 – 14 tons / hr.
 C massecuite
 B & CAW 10 – 15 tons / hr. 12 – 18 tons / hr. 14 – 22 tons / hr.