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Process Equipment Screw Conveyors Manufacturers
Process Equipment Screw Conveyors Manufacturers

Process Equipment Screw Conveyors Manufacturers – SCREW CONVEYORS

Ashoka one of the leading Screw Conveyor Manufacturers In India, Screw conveyors are generally used for horizontal or low inclination transportation of various powdered or granular materials such as cement, mineral and ore processing, chemical industry, food industry etc. A screw conveyor typically has a U shaped trough with a feed point and a discharge point.

A spiral blade like screw is mounted on a central shaft supported by ball bearings at the ends and hangar bearings at suitable distance along its length.   A screw conveyor is generally horizontally supported and can be made to transport long distances is properly supported. Screw Conveyors of various sizes, lengths and capacities can be designed and manufactured, however, diameters generally range from 100 mm to 500 mm.

Process Equipment Screw Conveyors Manufacturers

Some key features of screw conveyors supplied by ASHOKA are – 

  • Robust design using trough plates with appropriate thickness
  • Leak proof enclosed construction for minimal spillage
  • Easy to maintain designs with suitable manhole covers
  • Low power consumption gear reducers
  • Sufficient hangar bearings for proper support and zero bending

Some common materials handled include – coal and mineral, mineral ores, Lime, sand, gypsum, cement, clinker, fertilizer etc.

We at ASHOKA offer a wide range of core process machinery for industrial sectors including cement plants, sugar plants, steel plants, paper plants, mines, chemical and mineral ore processing units, fertilizer plants, power plants and rubber plants. we have in house equipment development facility which not only includes designs detailing from basic equipment operational specifications and data to complete equipment manufacturing.

We do design detailing based on customer requirements and drawings. Development of equipment not only includes steel fabrication but also castings and forging machined to finish ready to use sizing. On site supervision services for installation and commissioning of our equipment is also offered by the company for domestic (Indian sites) as well as foreign sites. Process Equipment Screw Conveyors Manufacturers.

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Some of the key process areas for which we manufactured and supply equipment are as follows: Clinker grinding for cement plants, Mineral and ore grinding for mines and other projects, Clinkerization with kilns , Fines separation for cement plants Stone crushing, Sugarcane crushing and juice extraction , Packing and loading sections , Material handling equipment , Drying and cooling equipment.

Process Equipment Screw Conveyors Manufacturers , Equipment for the above processes can be customized to suit existing plants and processes already under production. Reverse engineering is also done to adapt suitability with existing systems and processes. All material test reports, certifications and guarantees are provided along with the supply of machinery.