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Ring Gear Manufacturers

Ring Gear Manufacturers – RING GEARS

Computer Aided Gear Designing. ASHOKA utilizes special computerized design generation software such as AUTOCAD, SOLID WORKS etc. for accurate designing of the gears and pinions. All software are generally updated to latest versions. Interference check and dimensional accuracies are also checked using these tools. ASHOKA generally works with client designs and drawings, however, all designs are checked and suggestive feedback given to the client for any possible improvement of the design.

At ASHOKA stagewise tests are carried out at various stages of manufactures of the ring gear production for which a complete check log in checked for reference. Third party tests agencies such as LLOYDS, SGS, DNV, TPL, MOODY etc. have often visited our factory for witnessing of above tests and subsequent qualitative clearance of the respective jobs. We welcome any third party agency in all cases.

Ring Gears Manufacturers – Gears & Pinion Shafts

Finite Element Analysis ASHOKA as one of the leading Ring Gear Manufacturers In India, can also provide load analysis and stress analysis on the gears and pinions using finite element analysis in order to check for appropriate selection of the materials and geometrical designs.
Reverse Engineering and Designing In case it is convenient to transport the gears to our manufacturing facility reverse engineering and designing is carried out to generate the drawings exactly as per sample. In most case the job is also loaded on to the relevant machine to obtain accurate geometrical sizing.
Gears Pinion Shafts Manufacturers

Gear inspections are carried out using special hand, mechanical and automatic instruments and testers manufactured by renowned companies such as MITOTOYO etc. Various checks including dimensional measurements, material tests such as chemical testing, mechanical testing and hardness testing.

Non destructive testing for internal flaws includes ultrasonic testing (UST) and magnetic particle inspections (MPI). Surface crack detection includes developer penetrant testing (DP). Gear tooth profiles are checked using special instruments such as vernier calibres and profiles testers. Proper contact on the tooth flanks of both the girth gear and pinion is checked to ensure optimal meshing between the teeth. Ring Gear Manufacturers India.

ASHOKA offers supervision of on-site installation of the ring gear and pinions manufactures only by the company in india. A supervision expert is deputed to the site, however, local manpower, tools/tackles and equipment such as movable cranes etc. are to be provided by the client.

Special cases ASHOKA may also take up the entire job of commissioning for all of the above but that depends upon the geographical location of the site. ASHOKA as one of leading Ring Gear Manufacturers offers lifetime after sales technical support to its customers for all girth gears supplied by the company. The support services irrespective of guarantee period of the supplied item. On-site support is provided on chargeable basis.